Static Caravan

The Benefits of Installing a New Boiler in Your Static Caravan

Your static caravan is a home away from home, but it won’t feel anywhere near as relaxing as it should if you’re constantly worrying about that weird clunking noise coming from the boiler.

While it might seem like a worry you could do without when you’re away, a new boiler in your static caravan could be just the thing to save you from stresses like these, and will likely bring benefits that include –

Guaranteed Warmth

You deserve to arrive at a warm, welcoming caravan, and this is something you’re far better able to guarantee with a brand-new boiler that keeps on ticking nicely even when you aren’t around to oversee it.

Increased Efficiency

You can avoid high caravan bills with a modern, efficient boiler that keeps static caravan costs down thanks to increased energy efficiency, advanced features, and even smart thermostats. In a small space like a caravan, a new boiler should quickly heat the space, even when your thermostat is set to low.

Year-Round Protection

Modern boilers with anti-freeze capabilities and smart thermostats mean that, even when you aren’t using them, your static caravan’s pipes and boiler system can remain in top condition. A team of heating professionals can even provide a drain-down service during installation, which will keep your pipes clear, operational, and healthy all winter long.

MJS has been installing game-changing static caravan boilers for ten years now, with benefits that include a drain-down service and fusion welding to ensure results that fit all of your vacation needs. We also offer a fast-response service, meaning that you never need to sit in a cold caravan and suffer a ruined trip. You can simply contact us to discuss your needs, and then get straight back to enjoying your break!


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